The 8 Most Unique and Interesting Papuan Cultures and Traditions


It is not strange that Indonesia is rich in culture and language, which spreads from the tip of Sabang to the tip of Merauke, from the west of Indonesia to the east of Indonesia. Nevertheless, different but still one, One Indonesia.

It can be said that Indonesia is a country that has millions of cultures. The culture in each region is different, from language, clothing, to traditional houses. One area that has a lot of culture is Papua. In addition to having abundant natural resources, Papua is also known as an area that has the largest number of ethnic groups in Indonesia.

Each tribe in Papua has a different culture and tradition. The traditions that exist in the Papuan tribe also have a deep meaning in every ceremony. And usually always symbolizes everything related to nature. Curious about the unique traditions that Papua has? Come on, take a look at…

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Free West Papua Campaign


I feel so sad when an activist of Free West Papua Campaign asked me to stop writing in my own blog because my position is in opposite to the Oxford based Free West Papua Campaign. I also feel sorry for Richard Samuelson attitude because he has been running away from my challenge to explain his position in Free West Papua Campaign. We as papuan are very pleased that there is sincere attention from foreign citizen like Samuelson. However, we should be sure that the attention will create a better understanding. In contrast to the people expectation, Richard Samuelson is always provoking conflict without even thinking about the consequences.

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Also Benny Wenda profits from Freeport unrest


Self appointed Papuan rebel leader in exile Benny Wenda accuses everybody else from profiting from the alleged exploitation of the natural resources of the Indonesian provinces of West Papua and Papua, from the international companies such as Freeport that extract these natural resources to the Indonesian Government in Jakarta and the usual bugbear of the Indonesian military without admitting that without such tragic events like the death of a protester in a confrontation with police Wenda would have no cause to fight for.

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Controversies in West Papua History

Do you want to know more about West Papua, please read the following article.


West Papua history controversies comes to life, not as a mere recitation of names and dates but as a series of turning points where the future hung in the balance and opinions raged on all sides. The following article debunks the history you may have heard, read and learned from Free West Papua Campaign and their supporters.

Jakarta – More than half a century of Papua returned to Indonesia (May 1, 1963 – May 1, 2020), but there are still many Papuans who question the legitimacy of the return process, and question the neglect of their right to self-determination (zelf beschikking – recht).

Probably referring to Queen Juliana’s speech on September 20, 1960 “In the coming year the Netherlands New Guinea will enter an important new phase in its development towards self-determination. For as soon as the New Guinea Council, which will consist in the main of representatives…

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